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  • My name is Oscar A. Galván Jr. I consider myself a realist,surrealist artist using acrylics to portray my thoughts brought to life on Canvas.


My journey started at the age of 5 years,my mother gave me an accounting ledger to sketch on while she was at work with my Father. Both my Father( Oscar Arispe Galvan Sr.) Mother( Alicia Zavala Galván) were both pharmacists working at Galván Pharmacy which was started by my Father on the west side of town. At first,I didn’t know what to do, I was sitting in a corner watching both my parents handle prescriptions and talking with patients, I was in awe of how they could multitask. After awhile I opened up the ledger and started sketching,and viola, I started on the road to create my own worlds using pencils,pens,brushes.

At the age of 12, my mother started Art lessons for me with Sister Tharcilla Fuchs, a well known and established Art Professor at Our Lady of the Lake University. She was retired,but she took me under her wing. I learned so much from her, technique, style,composition etc. She introduced me to colors, and painting, before that I was only sketching and drawing. I was reluctant at first but soon fell in love with the spectrum.  Before long i had my first 2 exhibitions thanks to her at Our Lady of the Lake University in the reception hall during a piano recital,this was in 1992. I owe her my career as an Artist,she really was a trailblazer and I will always live her for that.

Fast forward to 1994,I was a sophomore at Central Catholic High School, I was involved with the art club and committee, not much creating because my Father was sick at the time.

The year is 1996 and My Father was diagnosed with Cancer and at the same time I received acceptance letters from Los Angeles,New York,and Miami art institutions, I didn’t go,I did not want to leave my Father. The same year I received an Art scholarship from Our Lady of the Lake University and it was agreed I would attend to my studies there majoring in Fine Arts and Marketing. I experimented with various mediums under Jody Cariolano, one of the Art professors at the University. It wasn’t until 2006 that I really started to blossom under the tutelage of Lead Art Professor April Atkinson,she really made you work,but it was great, I was learning new tricks her and there. I am forever grateful for her friendship and guidance,and I miss our smoke breaks. I am 10 hours shy of my Bachelors on Fine Art and Marketing.

The year is 2007 I was introduced to the Central Cultural Aztlan gallery in San Antonio Texas. A gallery well known for lesdership,guidance and culture,a beacon for all Artists. I met Ramon Vasquez Y Sanchez the Lead Artist and Director Malena GonzalezCid and Ruth Guajardo Art director. I submitted 2 works image wise for an exhibition they were having, el Segundo do Febrero, an exhibition commemorating the Mexican American War. Ramon told me,” I want to see more,more emotion!” And so I did. My journey exhint8ng at Central Cultural Aztlan began, from the years 2008 to the present. I exhibit regularly with other Artists.

2010 was my breakout year I was introduced to the Art of Bodypainting thanks to Tomas Vasquez,Director of Beyond the Canvas,at the same time I had a solo exhibition at the Gallista gallery thanks to Joe Lopez,excellent well known painter in San Antonio and owner. He opened up his gallery and his heart,the exhibition was a hit,I sold 5 pieces. Always grateful to Joe Lopez for giving me the opportunity.

The bodypaint years start,many Art demos with Btc,2010-2019

2012 I participated in the World Bodypainting festival held in Austria,placing in the Finals,the only American to place in the finals that year. At the same time I was part of a two man exhibition at Central Cultural Aztlan with fellow artist Hector Garza,we had a lot of fun.

I am currently working on new endeavors and expanding. I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way,especially my Mother and my Father ,love you guys.

Below is my Resume


1992- Art Exhibition at Our Lady of yhr lake university

2007-2023- Regular Exhibiting Artist at Central Cultural Aztlan

2010- Exhibition at Gallista gallery

2012- 2 man exhibition at Centro Cultural Aztlan

2010-2011 Casa de Palmas

2010- 2017 Exhibiting at the annual On and Off Fredericksburg rd tour

2012- Artist at World Bodypainting festival competition Austria

2013-2016 Artist and Living Art America Bodypainting competition

2014- 2016 Artist at New York city Bodypainting day

2015-2019 Artist at Beyond the Canvas

Bodypainting competition

2016- Artist at Bodypainting competition Los Angeles California

2020- Exhibiting Art At Central Cultural Aztlan mascaras covid exhibit

2023- Exhibiting Artist on Shockboxx gallery Los Angeles California

2023- online Exhibiting Artist at KBM art gallery Los Angeles California

2023-CCAN Center for Contemporary Arts National gallery  Abilene,Texas