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In 2020, I was not able to attend art classes and painting groups that I had been going to regularly for years. I started looking through older pieces of artwork. Some paintings had parts that were well done but the finished piece just wasn’t that strong or well executed enough. So, several canvases were cut into 1” squares. The subjects and images on the canvas were no longer important. Only the colors and patterns remained to be reconfigured and reborn. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The 646 squares are a map of this country. The hot red of the southwest transitions to the wide southern plains and into the deep, wet green of the southeast. The large and influential “Golden” state merges into the icy Rocky Mountains and then travels across to the wooded regions of farms and fences. The cold northern areas merge with the very blue eastern states that drift into lakes and oceans and borders to another country.