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I was introduced to fabrics and fibers at a young age while growing up on Long Island, New York. I continued this passion while majoring in textiles and marketing when attending the University of Arizona.

I was introduced to felting; which is the oldest form of non-woven fabric; about six years ago and fell in love with wool fibers which can be manipulated into shapes, moulded and sculptured to create a variety of vessels, purses and wall hangings. The diversity of this medium is unending and I always find something new to create.

This ancient process of beginning with loose wool fibers, adding soap and water, pressing the fibers until they hold together as a cloth and then vigorously working the cloth to shrink and strengthen it is called wet felting. I use this form of felting as well as nuno felting which is a technique that involves silk fabrics and fibers. In this process the fibers travel through the weave of the cloth and entangle on the back side to form a strong textured felt/fabric.

I have studied with felters from Australia, England, Canada and many from the United States and each one has a different technique and something new and unique to learn and use in my own work. I also teach classes and enjoy sharing my knowledge of the uniqueness of this form of art.

I look forward to continuing this art form and creating new and innovative pieces.