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Inspired by the ever-changing light and colors found in nature, ML Coleman seeks to convey the essence of his subject utilizing a painterly form of realism that is fresh, vibrant and energetic. He strives to make each painting come to life with a spirit of its own and in turn, evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

ML Coleman’s passion for nature and unique vision developed while growing up in Yellowstone Park where his father was a ranger. Seven years old and equipped with a set of oil paints (a gift from his grandmother) he set out to paint the falls of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon! His artistic endeavors continued through high school and then college, military service and eight years with an international accounting firm intervened. A resident of Sedona, Arizona for more than thirty years, he has traveled, visited museums and painted throughout much of North America and extensively in Europe, seeking to develop his sensitivity and skills in handling mood, light and color.

His work has been internationally exhibited in museum and gallery shows and can be found in prestigious private and corporate collections worldwide including Northern Natural Gas; Web Trend Graphics; Author JA Jance; Actress Sean Young; and Inga Tours, to name a few. Recognition includes articles in national magazines and listings in major reference books including Marquis’ Who’s Who In American Art and Who’s Who In America.

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