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I was raised in the small factory town of Goshen Indiana, known for its motor home production. Goshen has been going thru an arts renaissance of sorts in the past few years with increasing artisans and patrons. I was drawn to Art in high school for the challenge that it presented, I was able to apply the concepts from Chemistry and Math to real life situations while creating a visual language that was uniquely mine. I got my B.F.A. in Ceramics from the University of Evansville, and taught high school for a number of years. My desire to explore my own expression and further my own knowledge and understanding lead me to getting my M. F.A. from Texas Tech University in 2018. I am newly signed on to return to the high school Art classroom in Lubbock Texas

My work draws upon the concepts of Heidegger’s ceramic jug and containment. The clay form is a representation of the human condition and unique experiences. Each singular piece is a representation of a human, often looking at the way life experience impacts and shapes the person changing them from the “ideal” but I focus on how the changes have created a unique beauty to each piece. To further the uniqueness of the beauty, I utilize atmospheric firing primarily wood and soda firing. In atmospheric firing here each piece has variance within itself one side to the other, and no two pieces are ever exactly the same, just like a person’s experiences are never the same as anyone else’s .