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Marie has been a nurse now for 41 years and an artist all of her life. All throughout her grade school years, Marie loved all kinds of art. After graduating from high school, she was invited to live and start her first year of college in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1975-76. This college was a small all-girls private Catholic school. There she studied all forms of art to prepare for a future profession as an artist. She learned how to express herself with many different art forms. She was told by her classmates how ‘American’ her art was because of her choice of loud colors in her work that stood out from all the other color combinations typically used by the other students. Marie learned quickly what her Belgian classmates believed Americans were a loud people wearing bright colored cloths. All Marie knew is that she loved bright colors. 

Following first year of college, Marie knew that she wanted to make sure that she had a stable income, so she left Belgium and went back home to California. After some community college courses decided to choose nursing as a profession. Marie started her nursing profession with a Diploma in Nursing, followed by a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN), a Master of Nursing (MSN), and a Doctorate in Education (EdD). During her MSN schooling, she always filled her humanity requirements with all kinds of art courses receiving a minor in art from Cal State University system. 

Florence Nightingale was the first to describe nursing as an art and science. Nurses and artists are similar; they are aware of their surroundings and mindful of others around them, creative, caring, compassionate, understanding, and empathic. 

Marie is thankful every day for the ability to retire with her husband to Sedona in 2015. She continues to work part-time as an adjunct nursing professor and now has extra time to live life to the fullest, unwind, replenish her soul, and get lost in the beauty and mediation of the art of creating.