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Lynn grew up in a small town in Iowa. Among the beautiful fields and timber, it was here that a lifelong love of drawing and painting emerged. At the University of Iowa he studied art and art history concentrating on the graphic arts.

After college, he traveled throughout the West and found work at the Grand Canyon. This allowed him to explore the vast beauty and unique landscapes of Northern Arizona and the four corners area. His fondness for these special places has never diminished. Always traveling with a pencil and a sketchbook, he recorded the world as line and form in values from white to black.

Lynn settled in Dallas, Texas and worked as a picture framer. After several years learning the trade, he was offered a framing job in Sedona, Arizona. In 1984, Lynn started a business crating and shipping art work allowing him to interact with world class galleries, artists, and diverse works of art.

Deeply influenced by the print work of Dürer and Rembrandt, he has continued to study intaglio printmaking and has exhibited his prints for many years.

In recent years, Lynn has painted southwest landscapes in oil and explored the simple joys of woodcut and linocut printmaking. He finds that these offer an endless challenge in composition, values and color harmony.

Lynn won first place in oil as an emerging artist in the Sedona Arts Center 2009 annual members show. His work is displayed at Sedona Arts Center and the Rowe Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

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