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Lori Bauman (She/Her)

Lori Bauman is a visual artist living and working in Scottsdale, Arizona. She holds an MA in Studio Art with an emphasis in video from New York University’s Study Abroad Program and a BA from Alverno College in Studio Art and Education. She has taught in multiple academic and community settings including Alverno College and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Bauman Co-Founded RedLine Milwaukee, at its core an artist residency program which provided professional development, education and exhibition for an
international community. Owner of LAB Studios, her artwork has been exhibited in the USA, Italy and Mexico.
Born- Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

My current work uses collage and apparel to explore my long-held, nonbinary systems of belief as they relate to gender, sexuality, ethnicity and social class. Pieced and layered materials and stories serve to chronicle consistent aspects of my narratives which are influenced by the translation of ancient myths, rituals, ceremonies, cultural norms, traditions, folktales, fairy tales and religion…..combined with personal experience. Most recently, I am looking at behaviors assigned to gender and character. This “Fashion Portrait” Series bridges my past work and narratives with my evolving apparel line. These new pieces focus on gender bending and inclusive models and explore two questions: 1) The effects of clothing, its relation to gender and how clothing defines identity, and 2) How the construct of feminine/masculine ideals have dictated shapes, fabrics, styles, structures, behaviors and how these elements have played a role in restricting movement, thoughts, abilities and aspirations. I am interested in how these early planted constructs integrate into our contemporary daily lives and relationships.