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I became interested in jewelry design during my visits to Sedona, Arizona, which is known for spiritual experiences and healing energy vortexes. I would visit the numerous crystal shops and purchase gemstones to help me with my physical ailments or emotional support on my spiritual journey. Over twenty years of studying the metaphysical properties of gemstones has helped me to heal bones, hearts, and spirits.

I realized that I wanted to wear and show off my precious stones, not just carry them hidden in a pocket or in a pendant cage. I launched my first line in 2019, the Mandala Collection, featuring gemstone accents which each have a theme:

  • “Dreaming” enhances creativity and helps navigate change amid new adventures
  • “Uplifting” helps overcome depression and mental illnesses
  • “New Beginnings” helps with recovery from addictions
  • “Balance” supports your yoga practice by facilitating meditation and promoting coordination.

In addition to using brightly colored natural gemstones with healing properties, I work with other organic materials such as silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC), wire, leather and rocks, and I texture and stamp sheet metal. The use of symbols, such as spirals which represent female life energy, and Native American icons, such as the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire), enhance the meaning of each piece. The colors and textures of trees and sunsets appear in my designs, and I apply my favorite pastime of imagining pictures in clouds, to finding patterns and images in jaspers and agate. And I delight in creating rainbow patinas to add even more color to complement a wide variety of fashions.

Each design is purposefully crafted to unite symbolism and healing stones to support wellness and spiritual journeys, and expresses a bold statement of colorful individuality.



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