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Larron was born in Oakland, California.  At the age of six weeks, our family moved to Cairo, Egypt.  Many years later we settled in the southwestern United States, and have made my permanent home in Mesa, Arizona.  Elements of both cultures can often be found in my work.

Style & Technique

Considered primarily a functional potter, I use clay mostly in a drawing and painting aspect. So, my utilitarian pieces are highly decorated, emphasizing the beauty in items for everyday use.  Food should nourish the body; tableware should nourish the soul.”

Always having a great love of rich colors, I use a high-fire, reduction atmosphere.  I liken my glazing technique to a reverse batik process.  I first tape off various patterns onto a bisque piece, using various sizes of tape, stickers, and labels.  I, then, spray a base coat, usually a dark color, then, remove areas of tape, and spray a second glaze onto the raw bisque, remove more tape and spray a third color, continuing with up to eight or nine different glazes.  By doing this, I achieve areas of true single colors and many rich combinations over the base and underlying colors, with each piece becoming an individual, no-two-alike, piece of functional artwork.

Educational Experience

My interest in this craft began in high school.  I also attended classes at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University.  Although, I am primarily self-taught in this craft, I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Bennet Bean later in life.  His use of masking tape and stickers was a great influence.  I have also spent decades working with my mentor and friend, Mel Jacobson, attending and contributing to his Hay Creek Artist’s Workshop.

I began honing my ability, and sharing my love for clay by teaching others.  In 1976, I established the pottery program at Leisure World in Mesa, AZ and have enjoyed instructing there since.  I also teach throwing, glazing, and Raku classes at the Mesa Arts Center and have done so from its opening in 2005.


Publications, Shows, Achievements

The Studio Potter Network- March 1992

Clay Times- November/December 1996

Pottery Making Illustrated- Winter 2001

Empty Bowls, the annual October charity event, co-chair three years.

Studio Potter Show- Philadelphia 1992

Galleria Mesa- “Table Trappings”

Craftsman’s Gallery of the Shemer Art Center

Minnetonka Center for the Arts

1st Place at the Arizona State Fair 1996, 1997, 1998.

My students have achieved 1st, 3rd, & 5th at the Arizona State Fair in 2002, and in 2003 they placed 1st & 2nd.