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Kevin Macpherson’s visual language, the language of light, color and atmosphere, his technical expertise, uniqueness and quality set his paintings apart from the pack. Kevin’s paintings are based on nature’s color relationships described as Impressionistic Realism. He finds visual poetry in the combinations of color and the relationships of light and atmosphere that make each special and transitory moment unique, just as life’s moments are so precious.

Experiencing life first hand is an enriching experience, Kevin, a highly respected teacher, lecturer, guest artist judge, author and mentor, a leader in the arena of Plein air painters, makes us aware of the precious moments, you will leave with an understanding of light and shadow, color and atmosphere, shape and pattern to advance your painting skills.

Kevin has a reverence for nature and finds inspiration by being acutely observant to his surroundings. Plein air painting is an intense act of connecting with Nature. Mother Nature has the answers, Kevin will guide you to ask and seek the right questions. Kevin is continuing the grand tradition of Plein air painting but with modern fresh ideas in easy to understand terms.