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“In the visual sense, when one views my art, he or she should be able to feel the rugged beauty of the southwest and the vitality and diversity of its people.”

Born in Arizona, Ken Rowe’s life seems to have been shaped and forged by the rugged beauty, culture and history¬† of his native land.
Influenced by drawing and painting with his mother, along with his love of the outdoors, Ken’s first introduction to wildlife art was in the field of taxidermy, and at the age of 26, he opened his own wildlife art studio where, as a taxidermist, he sculpted life-sized models. During that time,

Ken submerged himself in a profession that demanded an intense study of anatomy, composition and wildlife physiology. He believes this in-depth knowledge is a vital bridge to creating accuracy and vitality in his sculptures. His unique background has enabled Rowe to capture the spirit of his subjects with great technical skill.

In 1987, Ken expanded his talents into the creation of bronze sculpture and has become known for his anatomy, composition and, most importantly, the expressive life one can see in his pieces. When viewing Ken’s bronzes, one can readily see the history of his life and the reverence Ken has for animals.
Ken Rowe has emerged as one of America’s leading wildlife bronze sculptors.

Rowe’s work radiates his love for nature. He considers his fieldwork an invaluable form of reference and inspiration. Besides a passion for sculpting and a fascination with animals from all over the globe, success as a wildlife sculptor requires a passion for adventure. Rowe reveres and connects with the natural world, yet finds the peace and solitude of his studio an essential creative process while exploring the deeper meaning of his subjects.

The scale of Rowe’s work ranges from small bronze maquettes to large outdoor sculptures of monumental proportions. A widely admired sculptor by collectors from all walks of life, his work is in fine art galleries and private collections throughout the world. Rowe lives in Sedona, Arizona with his supportive and charming wife Monica.