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Many artists know from an early age what they want their life’s vocation to look like.  Kathryn Gipson, though involved in many artistic pursuits from a young age, did not realize her passion for learning to paint until many years later.  For twenty five years, jewelry designer, personal chef and architectural designer made up her resume. Although these were satisfying years of artistic endeavor, the opportunity to learn to paint has been exceedingly rewarding.
Though primarily self taught, her knowledge has been acquired by diligent study of great artists whom she admires, both contemporary and historic.  Currently spending many hours in the studio, she is also taking the opportunities to paint outdoors as a solo challenge – as well as through some of the collective events available for plein air painters today.  She is grateful for the opportunity to have taken a few workshops from some of todays highly accomplished artists who so generously teach what they have acquired over many years of study.
While she feels she is still finding her artistic voice and personal style, no subject matter is off limits.  The beauty of the mundane, the treasure of the ordinary and the uniqueness in the sometimes overlooked… is what she attempts to bring to the canvas.