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Julie Zouzounis gave up her successful corporate job in 1993 to pursue her artistic interests and set her sights on becoming a working creative artist.  Julie turned a self-taught hobby into a professional career through technical training and Master classes nationwide and in Italy.  

After moving to the San Francisco Bay area in 1999, she established her decorative painting and mural business, Creative Walls.  Creative Walls became one of the leading decorative finishing companies in the East Bay area. She has taught various art, plaster and faux finish classes all over the country for the International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL).

In September 2021, Julie and her husband moved to Sedona, AZ a favorite location they had visited for years.  As her skills and interests evolve, she has expanded her offerings to include fine art paintings.

Julie’s original art is influenced by textures, architectural elements, colors and design. She paints a combination of bold acrylic paintings and mixed-media abstracts using various techniques with multiple layers.