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Jim Berenholtz (He/Him)

Jim Berenholtz is a multi-faceted artist who has dedicated his creative endeavors for over half a century to illuminating the traditions of native and ancient cultures worldwide. He is well known as a composer, ethnomusicologist, and performer of music, theater and dance, as well as through his work as a ceremonial artist. But from early childhood Jim was also very involved in the visual arts, and that has continued to be the case throughout his life. His paintings place him clearly in the realm of contemporary visionary arts, while at the same time reflecting his interest in ancient iconography and symbolism. These works are structured according to the universal principles of the mandala, and of temple art found at sacred sites across our planet. Jim’s art has been published in numerous cultural and metaphysical journals, in the album art of his music CD’s and LP’s, and in his first book, “Journey to the Four Directions” (Bear & Co., 1993). Jim even has a clothing line that features the art he has created based in ancient Egyptian motifs. (Www.hu-ra.com)

During the 1980’s Jim exhibited his paintings inspired by Native American traditions at art galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, and on the Plaza in Taos, New Mexico. In 2009 he was honored to be the November Artist in Residence during the Tutankhamun exhibition at the de Young Museum of Art in San Francisco, California. His paintings and other creations inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization were shown together in a multi-media installation entitled “Temple of the New Sun”.

In 2017 Jim moved to Sedona, and in 2020 he began displaying his art at the Sedona Center for Harmony and Enrichment. The Center has since moved to the Uptown gallery district, where he currently has a special showing of his art relating to indigenous cultures of Mexico, Central and South America.