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I have few memories from childhood, but I always remember having art. I’ve instinctively carried creativity with me throughout my life and expressed it through a variety of mediums: drawing, jewelry, logo design, floral arrangements, shop displays, craft parties, etc. I enjoy a varied, interdisciplinary approach, but I am most drawn towards telling a story through found objects, painting, sculpture, and elements from the natural world. I often explore the hardness and griefs of life, tempered with hope and balance. My desire is for these stories to prove relatable and cathartic to the viewer.

I was brought to the mountains of Western North Carolina at 8 years old. While I love to travel and experience the world, our land of forests and four seasons provides my daily inspiration. I create from my home studio near Hendersonville and also work in remodeling and office management. My husband, Jorge, and our quirky rescue dog, Galen, are my constant companions. We can often be found hiking, reading, practicing karate, having tea with our friends, or playing Nintendo.