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Jean O’Neil is a professional artist who has called Southwest Washington her home for close to twenty years. Jean grew up in New York, has traveled and lived on both coasts as an Arts Educator, Administrator, and Community Arts Center Director. She is best known as a sculpture but also delves into the 2D mixed medium.

In addition to her visual arts background, Jean has a Master’s Degree of Creative Arts Curriculum and Instruction. Her extensive work with high risk students awarded her the Southwest Washington Community Alliance Idea Grant. Jean was recruited by The Joline Arts Center in New Lebanon, New York in 2004. She stayed in New York for three years as the Director/Curator of the Joline Arts Center. She returned to Washington after three years to her own studio and take a position as an Associate Faculty member and Field Supervisor for the Albright College of Education at City University of Seattle.

In 2011, Jean O’Neil accepted a position as the Art Department Chair of Dalian American International School in Dalian, China. After four years of living and traveling throughout Asia, Jean has moved back to the United States to again focus on her own artwork. Jean is a professional artist whose work is represented by galleries on both coasts and is part of several international collections. She divides her time between her studios in Sedona, Arizona and Ocean Park, WA.