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A Nebraska native, Jane has been a quilt artist for over 25 years. She enjoys the interplay of visual designs and the dynamic effects of bold colors and textures. Images that are larger than life, especially subjects from nature, are Jane’s preferred focal points for her quilts. Her love of animals and plant life are evident in her work.

The quilts are made using both hand and machine techniques. Beads, metallic threads and paint are added to embellish the fabrics. In addition to a wide selection of fabrics, Jane will also hand –dye or batik fabrics to make her own designs and then incorporate these into the final work of art.

In 1976 Jane moved to Sedona where she and her daughter continue to live. Jane’s quilts have won awards in major shows across the United States and her work is collected by patrons from around the world. Each quilt is beautifully finished on the back then completed with a name and the artists signature.

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