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Chanda was born in Detroit, Michigan and later moved to California where she attended UCLA and majored in painting and drawing with a focus on education. Upon finishing her undergrad studies, she went to France, where she continued her art studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, the Académie de Port Royal and the Sorbonne University where she eventually completed a Ph.D. in Plastic Arts Theory and Aesthetics. Fast-forward, through marriage, a daughter, and 28 years teaching and doing research in art education pedagogical practices at several universities, she finally began to paint full time.  As a full time artist, she enjoys going to her studio daily, situated about five feet from her home in Tucson, AZ. An oil painter, she paints a variety of subject matters.

Chanda recently was awarded a Grant from the Arizona Commission of the Arts, which will support research that will inform the artist’s next series of paintings exploring the lives and cultures of Appalachian African Americas from South Central West Virginia.