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My current body of work focuses on queer relationships through moments of intimacy and sensuality. I do this by portraying the figure along with floral iconography on multiples of slip casted ceramic forms reminiscent of delicate tea sets from Chinese blue-and-whiteware with a sense of importance, wealth, and decoration and ornamentation. The size and function of the pieces allows the objects to inherit a feeling of intimacy and sensuality for its user, and the acts portrayed by the pairs of figures on the work echoes this sense of closeness. Growing up as a queer person in spaces that actively oppress our identities leaves an imprint on our lives. For me, ornamental ceramic sets with floral imagery give me nostalgic memories of my own family, as these were always objects present in shelves dedicated to important objects in the homes of my family members who denied queer identities as valid. Through these forms, I can reclaim a space symbolic of the oppression of queer identities.