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Creativity was something that started early with me. Born in Brooklyn, New York at 8 years of age, my family all moved to California. Sure, I played with clay, scissors & paper, like most children do, but it was when I explored drawing. I was drawing just about everything I saw, it was irresistible! At age 16, I decided to investigate what I could do with painting. Being able to put color to my drawings was an exciting addition to my vision of the world around me. The application allowed me to see the magical possibilities in my painting. There are times when I just love to lay back on the grass and stare at the atmosphere above, imagining the gradations of colors in the clouds and sky. The atmosphere, the light, the shadows, all are elements for compositions I feel inside of me. This is what I want to explore, this is what I want to express. Now I’m a resident of AZ, painting like a madman.

After 5 years at the renowned Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, I landed a job as Assistant Art Director for a fashion magazine. I freelanced for a time as a book designer, illustrator and photographer, never losing focus on my painting. Then, never looking back, I made the decision to devote myself full time into the world of fine art. I have extensively explored diffferent styles from Traditional to Abstract to Photorealism, all the while distilling down what has become my personal style, Contemporary-Realism. I have artwork in museums both here in the U.S. and Mexico.

For the last 18 years I have been a part of the “Festival of Arts” in Laguna Beach, California who recently purchased my “AFTERNOON SHADOWS” to be a part of their permanent collection of renowned California Artists, a movement that started back in 1900. Along with that the State of New Mexico purchased “OUR TOWN” to be placed at the University of New Mexico’s “Architectural & Engineering Department” permanent collection.

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