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Frederica received scholarships in visual arts to the ‘N.Y.C., Arts Student League’, and understudied with NASA artist Yeffy Kimball in N.Y.C., in the 60s.
She continued her studies in Visual Arts, Performance and Voice with Northern Arizona University, The American Dance Festival, Duke University NC, where she established her discipline as an Artist and performer n the 70s
In 2015 she received the Professional Development Grant from the Arizona Commission for the Arts, to attend the entrepreneurial imagineering ArtBox Institute. In 2021 Frederica opened the Phoenix Avenue Gallery in Flagstaff Arizona. Where she exhibits her art, with Silversmith Christina Norland, and each month they showcasie new local artist, performers and the Art collective ‘Art35north’.
Frederica is also certified, in the healing Arts as a Crania Sacral Therpist, Polarity Therapy Practitioner, I’m done OK Structural Integretion therpist, and A Pranasage Yoga Instructor.