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I have always been inspired by the American Southwest, and what it has to offer. It’s diverse beautiful landscapes, dusty sunsets, cactus flowers, and its First People. I am particularly inspired by the way a landscape changes as the sun moves across the sky, or how the ever-changing desert flowers open up to a new day.

Along with these elements, attention to detail and the geometric shapes I find in nature give me the foundation I use in most of my paintings.  

Being mostly self-taught, I did study art and design at Phoenix College where I was fortunate enough to study under the great western artist, Merrill Mahaffey.

I believe art is filled with personal connections and myriad emotions. I want the viewer to look into my paintings, beyond the surface, and feel the emotion and a moment caught in time.


As an award winning artist, Ed paints the nature of the southwest and its people with a refined attention to detail and a bold uplifting use of color.  He is able to capture the essence light and form with a realistic to quasi abstract style all his own.

Ed makes his home and studio with his wife Susan in Sedona Arizona, giving him a central location and access to some of the best subject matter Arizona and the southwest has to offer.

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