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Don, a resident of Cornville, AZ, is a professor emeritus and retired director of the Advertising Management program in the School of Business at Portland State University. Prior to his highly successful career in academe, Don had a 25-year career in the advertising agency business in Portland, Oregon. He works in two media which he calls Blankets on Canvas and Corn Maidens.

Blankets on Canvas
These 10” x 10” acrylic paintings are inspired by designs found on Native American ceremonial robes and horse blankets. Because of their size, these paintings work well in small spaces and are quite striking in sets of three or four. Each canvas is a signed original.

Corn Maidens
These figures are inspired by Kachina dolls and other American SW figures. They utilize ornamental “Indian Corn” with gourd heads. Then a variety of ornamentations are added including decorative headdresses, necklaces of wood or ceramic beads, feathers, leather, metal and painted wood. Each Corm Maiden is a signed original.

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