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Dmitriy Gushchin (He/Him)

Dmitriy Gushchin is an experimental visual artist from Boston, US.

Dmitriy was born and raised in toxic and homophobic environment of the Soviet Union. He initiated black and white film photography training from his father at the age of 12, managing personal darkroom and blending his own chemical solutions. While transitioning to color film and later to digital photography Dmitriy mastered his technique as well as his philosophy and esthetics of art creation. 1992 Dmitriy had to flee USSR as a political refugee due to his activities demanding human rights making Boston US his new home city. This background makes the artist very sensitive to LGBTQ struggles, societal and political. Dmitriy’s art is his way to cherish, protect, support and his love expression to bravery and uniqueness of each and every LGBTQ+ member.

Dmitriy’s latest passion is imaginative storytelling through composite portraiture. Dmitriy is fascinated with discovery of deeply hidden emotions of figure and interactions with dreamy and inventive backgrounds.

Dmitriy’s artworks were exhibited all over the United States and Europe, as well as in Canada and Middle East.