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Tapestry Weaver & Workshop Instructor

David produces pictorial tapestry, representational work, as well as pattern oriented work as demonstrated in his Echo Series of tapestry woven carpets. Pictorial works often address social, political, and spiritual themes. David says he views his art as a form of visual communication carrying a message in a way that transcends language. The Echo Series pieces are purely about form and design. These works are intended to function as art on walls or as floor coverings.

As a workshop instructor, David has taught workshops in tapestry weaving throughout the United States. Recent teaching includes workshops at the Denver Art Museum, “BreckCreate” in Breckenridge, Colorado and the Intermountain Weavers Conference in Durango, Colorado. Exhibitions include Gender Bend: Women In Wood, Men At The Loom at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts.


As a craftsperson, I embody the elements of mind, heart, and hand into my work. Mind refers to expertise in technical and aesthetic areas and the ability to craft unique weavings of beauty and function. Heart speaks to the passion of creating and the belief that something of the human spirit becomes part of the object that is being crafted. Finally, Hand demonstrates the skill a craftsperson must have to manipulate simple materials into an object of form and function. For me weaving is a celebration of the human hand, our most basic tool. It is about being human.