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Daniel Evans (He/Him)

Daniel Evans is a photographer whose eye for the intimate and absurd has allowed him to capture the very nature of the ridiculousness of queer human congress. Born in Utah, Daniel is a gay man now based out of Seattle, Washington. Active since 2017, his work has been shown in such exhibits as Seattle Erotic Art Festival and MantasticNW, and such publications as PDXScene Magazine and Desert Heat Magazine.

Inspired by the work of Michael Stokes, David Vance and Rick Day, Daniel has challenged the customary ‘bathroom selfie’ and has instead taken on the sisyphean task of elevating the acceptable to the sublime.

Exploring photography with a focus on illustrating the inherent beauty, sensuality, hilarity and joy in the candid, Daniel shows his subjects as they truly are in a way that is often ignored in erotic art. Curated with the belief that everyone deserves to be celebrated for their own beauty, Daniel maintains an openness to cultivating authentic representation while maintaining a minimalist style with the model isolated and expressing their form solely through light and shadow in a manner once described as ‘meditations on the male form.

Daniel’s art focuses through many mediums and has evolved from the simple to the elaborate, finding nuance and value in thendispirit forms his art takes. You’re as likely to see Daniel applying prosthetics as airbrushing glitter, and often both. Truly a feast for the eyes, please enjoy the work provided and anything available on his Instagram and Twitter. (@deformphotography)