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Dale lives in Prescott, Arizona and is a professional photographer and digital artist. He studied photography and philosophy at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas and was granted a Photography Degree in 1982. Since 1979 he has exhibited in over three-hundred group and solo shows, his works have been published internationally and he’s written for most of the leading photographic magazines and journals. He is a consummate experimenter and innovator and works with diverse subjects in a variety of styles. He has published twenty art books. Dale has been creating inventive photographs and digital art for over forty years.


Dale O’Dell’s unique photo/digital artwork captures the essence of the surrealist art movement. His eye for the otherworldly lends his work an original power, reflecting his skill as an artist. Much of his photography-based work hinges on the exploration of meta-reality and focuses on creating an alternate universe beyond the recognizable patterns of ordinary life experience. With this surreal and enigmatic approach he has managed to forge an incomparable sense of depth and beauty seen only in his works, enabling viewers to unlock a new, unparalleled level of understanding.