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Copious Harvy-Smith (She/Her)

I tend to create pieces that inspire modern heart and mind expansion….that invoke a collective conversation surrounding the message expressed within my work that usually hovers in the area of humorous Artivism, Social Consciousness and Metaphysical guidance.  If I could choose a way to communicate it would be through sound and color which is why my go to language is creating Art as well as writing Music for the purposes of healing self and inturn another.

C.Harvey-Smith is a self educated & multifaceted artist originally from Montreal, Canada residing in the United States. A true renaissance woman, she embraces a multitude of mediums while her work remains prescribed in vibrancy and textures, demonstrating her ability to intuitively create. Harvey-Smith’s work includes large mixed media sculptures with a through line of plaster and resin. Aspects of her personal music, words and short films are quilted into curative constructs that involve raw emotion with a 3D effect, starting from her food addiction series a piece entitled Hungry Ghost, which gives the visual of a fork suspended in air while pasta wraps around its point and seemingly pulled from the actual pasta dish, to Gâteau Sauvage Lourd, a delicious piece resembling chocolate cake with life-like whipped chocolate frosting, to her dynamic large scale chocolate like prayer beads.

From an early age, Harvey-Smith has been deeply intrigued by metaphysics and psychology and the role the philosophies play in communicating their blueprints through art. Following this interest she studied with several coaches including Debbie Ford, Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Peter Levine, Geneen Roth and Pia Mellody to explore the relationship between healing and art. It was during this time, that she discovered her calling as an artist. Through her artwork, Harvey-Smith began transitioning through internal walls that blocked her ability to expose her inner world to an audience. Her breakthrough, led to the debut show, Joy vs Fear.

C.Harvey-Smith’s Joy vs Fear, notably used all elements of space and time as the overall concept, with each of the rooms correlated to a compartment of her inner being. Audiences experienced being in a staged loft, emulating the compartments often hid from others, including issues like addictions, body image, shame, and the dark parts of Harvey-Smith’s subconscious. The show was a platform which prompted, engaged and inspired others to create a dialogue about being transparent as a way to intimacy and freedom. Harvey- Smith’s subsequent shows are curated in similar fashion, that utilize the experiences she gained and the growth that it evoked as the premise for the show.