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Paintings with a fresh perspective are Cheryl Waale’s niche.

As she was transitioning from the corporate world, Waale returned to her lifelong love of paint and she hasn’t looked back.

“When I go to art festivals or galleries, I always look for something fresh and different. I knew from the start I wanted to create paintings that caused you to stop and look,” reflects Waale. Through independent study with artists she admires, good coaching, fearless experimentation and a lot of brush mileage, she has developed recognizable style–turning ordinary subjects into extra-ordinary works which offer many layers of color and texture.

“I’ve been told my paintings appear to have layers of stories embedded in them.” The results are works that take the 2D medium to a new level.

Waale teaches her techniques in her Sedona, AZ and Edmonds, WA studios. Her works are in private collections throughout North America and Europe. She is represented by galleries in Oregon and Washington states.