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I have always found people and their circumstances to be infinitely interesting. As a storyteller, my cultural vision has been shaped by my travels and places of residence: the dense verdant forests and glens of North Eastern Ohio where I spent my childhood; urban Chicago; the little Kingdom of Denmark;  lush, beautiful Hawaii and now Arizona, with a theme of our being products of our times, surrounded by icons which symbolize our diverse conditions.

Blessed to have found my passion in life at a very early age and fortunate to have attended and graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in drawing and printmaking, and doing graduate school in Visual Communication at IIT, Institute of Design; I have worked in different capacities with my art over the years, and especially teaching visual art to different age groups in different locations.

I draw or paint from life as often as possible. My figurative paintings examine energetic vibrations expressed through color and paint strokes, lighting the spark in perceptions and memories. 

Drawing is absolutely the basis of everything I do, whether with pastels, watercolors or graphite.

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