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Brock Archer (He/Him)

Working from photos, Brock Archer of Globe, AZ, USA, applies a variety of software and artistic techniques, including freehand strokes, carefully adjusting variables such as color, texture, lighting and more to produce images ranging from alluring eye candy to tasteful nudes to boldly explicit sexual expression. In his ground-breaking art book, Brock Archer’s MEN (2022), he describes the process as one of “calibration, reflection, and re-calibration until I have achieved a result—a new creative work—that is both erotic and aesthetic.”

His work has been featured in art shows and exhibitions in New York, California, Arizona, and online as well as in art book compilations and international art magazines.

His unique and totally original style earned him a Certificate of Artistic Merit from the Pinacothèque, sponsor of the internationally prestigious Luxembourg Art Prize, in 2021.

Examples of Archer’s artwork can be found not only in his book, Brock Archer’s MEN, but also on his website: www.brockarcher.net (18+, NSFW).