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Brandon Dudley (He/Him)

Brandon Dudley is a contemporary painter based in Austin Texas.  He actually finds it very difficult to talk about his art and my paintings, and he thinks it’s because painting is such an intimate experience to him and he feels vulnerable, so he often responds with “my art just “is.”” The painting and the process of getting a painting to where it is, is the art. The vulnerability and soul bearing of each painting is the art.

Brandon believes art reflects who he is as a person, and as an artist. It’s a reflection of his feelings and emotions, it’s how he experiences life and how I see the world. Whether that is to create a landscape of sorts or something that is more intuitive in nature where he relies on colors and heavy stokes of the paint brush to create itself. Where he takes something and then breaks it down into its most basic and childlike elements and place it onto a canvas for others to experience life through his eyes.

Brandon has been painting off an on for his whole life, but it is just within the past few years he has taken it more seriously.

Brandon has been in shows in Boise ID, Austin TX, Dallas TX, and London. He also has upcoming shows in Sedona Arizona, and Pullman Washington. He has also been featured on the Queernundrum Podcast, as well as Canvas Rebel Magazine, Voyages Austin Magazine, and Artstonish Magazine.

Brandon was always that weird kid with an overactive imagination. Whether it was being convinced that he could fly after watching Peter Pan for the first time or thinking he was a Care Bear and could shoot rainbows out of his stomach. Most people would chalk it up to his overactive imagination, but it is that imagination that he uses to guide his art to this day.

A self-taught artist, Brandon refuses to be restricted by traditional rules of painting, or sticking to one way of creating art. If he wants to try it he gives himself permission to try which he credits to his often bold and bright paintings.

At 35 years old, he is just starting to break into the art world but is surely an artist to look out for.