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“I am a professional artist from NY and I hold a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Art Ed. from Brooklyn, College. I have been trained in numerous media but I have been working in glass for 50 years. These days I primarily work in fused glass because I find that it gives me the kind of freedom to do the kind of work that I am interested in. In addition, like most people, I adore the look of glass. It draws me in as no other material can but it is a very technical media. It presents me with many challenges. Kiln temperatures have to be properly adjusted for the right effects. Basic cutting has to be mastered so that I can produce the work. The range of colors are vast and I have to determine when I want to work with translucent glass or opaque glass. Some concepts are better suited to either one. I have explored a wide range of ideas in my creative work and the variety of topics always keeps things fresh for me as an artist. Numbers is a wonderful conceptual challenge.