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Barbara is a Tucson based artist who has a multimedia background beginning with drawing in her youth. Over time she has continued to explore various art mediums including oil painting, watercolor, mixed media and more. Photography has been an interest since college and in 2019 she returned to it and focused on the medium of sepia photography.

Sepia photography is a natural progression from her drawing roots. Her desire in sepia photography is to express the meditative quality of the moments she comes upon in her travels. Traveling and hiking in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico is where she is mesmerized by the architecture of the landscape. When observing the play of light and darks while hiking and exploring she works to capture these images and strip them down to its essence of its form and contrast. Ultimately, she is inviting the viewer to focus their attention to embrace visually the image and interiorly engage with its sense of stillness.

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