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(b. 1984) Anton Pavlenko is a self-taught artist working in oils. Born and raised in Ukraine, Anton immigrated to the United States with his family in 1990 where he continued to develop his artistic talents throughout his childhood and into adult life.
Over the years, Anton’s art has become a means of understanding his own self. Originally drawn to experience and paint the landscape from direct observation, en plein air, his artistic practice has expanded to adopt a more contemplative approach to painting; focusing on personal and reflective expressions of himself and his relationship to the world around him. Anchored in his immigrant past, Anton’s paintings revolve around the journey that is his search for home.
Since beginning his professional career in 2009, Anton’s work has appeared in artist magazines and publications along with a feature story on public television. Anton’s internationally-collected work has won numerous top awards including exhibitions in prestigious shows, galleries, and museums across the country.