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The Sedona Arts Center’s Fine Art Gallery showcases the largest selection in Sedona of artwork by local artists. If you are seeking a rare piece of fine art, a gift of exquisite jewelry, appreciate stunning photography, or looking for a lovely keepsake from your visit to Sedona, the Arts Center has it all and more. The Arts Center is a 501(c)3 organization that offers all purchases without sales tax – almost a 10% savings. In addition, membership to the Sedona Arts Center provides an additional 10% off all gallery purchases as well as other benefits.

Members Art Gallery Hours: New Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10am to 5pm.  Call 928-282-3865 for additional information. Visit our Online Gallery HERE.

Current Exhibition

Featuring Bill Belvin, April Bower, Art Hiscox, Joanne Hiscox, Neil Kennedy, and Christie Palmer

The Sedona Arts Center represents over 100 professional local and regional artists. The Fine Art Gallery on campus is a dynamic, ever-changing display of local talent in all dimensions and forms. Part of that dynamic is the bi-monthly featured artists program.

Bill Belvin

Bill is a Sedona based fine arts photographer specializing in creating richly detailed images of the American Southwest wilderness. He loves capturing the patterns and symmetries present in sandstone and sharing the results with others.

April Bower

Her Jewelry is contemporary, extremely wearable, one of a kind, and limited editions.  Bower now works mostly in silver, bi-metals and copper, using color & texture as the main ingredients.

Art Hiscox

“My architectural art combines man-made materials with nature’s own art (marble, granite, slate, fossils).  My use of color, texture and resin compels viewers to actually touch the surface of my pieces.  I frequently use river stone, granite, marble, copper, shell, tree bark, semi-precious stones and fossils in combination with man-made materials to create functional art pieces that convey nature’s peacefulness.  Many of my pieces depict rivers, streams, landscape, birds and bright colors.”

Joanne Hiscox

“I love to create architectural art that blends nature with style, incorporating man-made mediums with nature’s own art.  My tables startle the viewer by juxtaposing natural elements (copper, semi-precious stones and fossils) with man-made materials, compelling the viewer to actually touch the surface (bringing in another sense besides sight).  My goal is to create sculptural art pieces that are new and different, constantly changing in design and material composition.  My sculptural fused glass works showcase my strongest point: that I’m a “no-fear artist”.  Present me with a new challenge and I’m on board instantly.”

Neil Kennedy

His ceramic pieces range from functional thrown forms to coil and slab-built figurative sculptures.  His current clay pieces meld thrown forms, slabs, altering, incising and sculpting.  The glazes on the functional pieces, fired in an electric kiln, have been developed to give the surface the depth and beauty traditionally associated with reduction firing.  Neil’s pieces meld a spiritual simplicity with a figurative rhythm and physical energy

Christie Palmer

Neither truly realistic, surreal or abstract, Palmer’s paintings are graced with enigmatic shapes, a fusion of drama and serenity, and an intuitively expert use of color.  Whether an intimate study of a small object or the vastness of a landscape, her work reflects her singular observation of the world and encourages the viewer’s participation in a closer engagement with her subject.

We look forward to seeing you at the Sedona Arts Center’s Fine Art Gallery. We are now open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 5pm. 

Sedona Arts Center is one of Northern Arizona’s most well-established cultural organizations and serves as the creative heart of Sedona. Founded in 1958, the nonprofit organization is based at the Art Barn in Uptown and offers year-round classes, exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events that enhance the creative life of the Verde Valley. The Center’s Fine Art Gallery promotes the original works of over 100 local artists and regularly offers special assistance for collectors and art buyers, offers private studio visits, and fosters hundreds of arts education opportunities each year.

Gallery Submission of Artwork

Artists are invited to submit a portfolio and application to be juried into the Members Fine Arts Gallery. Submissions are accepted once annually: July 1–31 | Click here for our submission guidelines

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Photo by Sedona 360 Photo