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Art Retreats

The Sedona Art Retreats offer a unique tour of self-discovery as you explore a world of creative possibilities. Sedona is known for three things; its beautiful and unique landscape, its art colony atmosphere and as a place for spiritual retreat. The Sedona Arts Center has wrapped these elements into a unique package where creativity and self-discovery fuse - creating the opportunity for both artists and the ‘non-artists’ to discover the self empowerment of art.

The Power of Words retreat is based on the transforming and healing power of engaging our senses, creative wordplay and storytelling. Our words have the power of personal magic when grounded in reality and used creatively. Kate Hawkes has designed this retreat with three other instructors to create a unique synergy of influences - a model for writing, arising from the senses and powering spontaneous creative potential.

Retreat Dates:

Tuition $450

Friday Evening: Orientation – Kate Hawkes

The retreat starts with an orientation the evening before the first day of experiences. Led by Kate Hawkes, you will leap into the wonderful world of childlike play through improvisational writing, freeing your inner voice and calming your mind ready for the sessions ahead. Here we will begin to explore different modes of getting our words from our hearts and into the wider world.

Saturday Morning: The Dialogue from the Heart  Kate Hawkes

Kate will lead you through a variety of writing ‘games’ towards a dialogue that arises straight from your creative unconscious. From completely ‘accidental’ writing prompts to a brief exploration of what makes a play - character, location and problem - you will eventually write short "plays" with 2 characters drawn from your experiences. Reaching into your inner awareness, this writing brings to life some of the deeper stories held within, transforming them through the telling.

Saturday Afternoon: The Writing of Art

The energy shifts as you engage your hands and mind quite differently, playing with texture, shape and form as you build a physical image of the creative process. We will blend collage and sculpture into a structure that inspires a piece of writing. This awakens a new appreciation and awareness of your personal creative process and allows your writing a new, intuitive starting point – with many optional outcomes.

Kate Hawkes -  Originally from Australia, Kate holds degrees in Education, Counseling, and an MFA in Theatre Directing. She is a freelance theatre professional, arts in healthcare consultant, educator, and Horse Gentler/Guide for Communication. She created Performing Wellness - an arts in healthcare writing/performance process and authored Personal Magic-Creativity and Spirit for Empowerment in Times of Change. Kate is available for consulting, workshops, personal coaching and performances of the Performing Wellness work. 

Sunday Morning: Writing the Physical Memory

This session connects us to the clarity of the present through our senses. We will look into the role of aroma as a way of accessing our deepest stories and feelings. This is your chance to play and immerse yourself in the senses! Smell, write, touch is the name of the game during this fun and energizing exercise. Exploring the associations of various scents provides jump off points for further exploration and revealing into the written word. A bit of informal movement gets us in touch with our bodies, space and the environment. 

Sunday Afternoon: Storytelling and Biography – James Bishop

Our story tells us who we are. James will introduce you to the world of storytelling and biography focusing on 'point of view' and by looking at examples of other biographical forms. Steadily he will lead you to creating your own biography, by accessing your memories, the secret places of yourself, and through imagination bringing those out into the world through the written word.

James Bishop
- Prize-winning author, James Bishop, Jr., the son and grandson of artists from New York to California, followed his heart to Sedona in 1987, reveling in this beautiful sacred land. His journey has evolved from magazines, to government, solar lobbying, Hollywood and writing books. A passionate witness and storyteller, imparting the mystery of life through books, film, poetry and articles, he delights his audience with tales weaving love for humanity with the mystical and sacred manuscript of nature. (

Wrap up with Kate Hawkes

Kate Hawkes will guide the group through a final summation of individual experiences as a step toward distilling the retreat content into personal and shared meanings.

Kate Hawkes will meet with the group at the beginning and end of each day. Meetings will take place primarily at the Sedona Arts Center with the final sessions being at an outdoor location (weather permitting).

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