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Perspective and Illusion
& Drawing Form in Space

with Kurt Wenner

May13–15, 2016
May 17–19, 2016

TUITION: $650.00
(includes all materials)

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Perspective and Illusion

Illusion is the magic of art, while perspective is the organization of form and space from one unique point of view. In this 3 day workshop you will learn how to combine these powerful techniques to create stunning results. Artists have manipulate perspective by using techniques that range from simple and effective, to complex and extraordinary. Artist Kurt Wenner will demonstrate the essentials of geometry and perspective, as well as cover a variety of hands-on exercises. This skill set will add to the visual strength of any kind of representational work in any medium, with any subject matter! Open to all levels of artists and educators.

Open to all levels of artists and educators.

May 13–15, 2016

TUITION: $650.00 (includes all materials)

Payment Options:¬†Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $125 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the first day of the workshop. Class meets 10–5 on the first day, 9–4 on subsequent days with a one hour lunch.









Drawing Form in Space

The great drawings of the Renaissance have an astounding beauty and ability to communicate however, in our time this mastery can seem unachievable. In this workshop, you will learn that in the Renaissance the structure of drawing was a specific visual language that is still available for us to use. You will learn that you can design drawings using this elegant and controlled language of form, proportion, light and space.

By working from drawings and plaster casts, a set of specially designed exercises will guide you through basic to more advanced drawings. You will learn that the fundamental language of classical drawing is available to you and that this understanding will strengthen and inform all your work in any medium or with any subject matter.

Open to all levels of artists and educators.

May 17–19, 2016

TUITION: $650.00 (includes all materials)

Payment Options:¬†Students may pay in full or choose the payment-plan option during registration. The payment plan requires a non-refundable $125 deposit with the balance due 30 days before the first day of the workshop. Class meets 10–5 on the first day, 9–4 on subsequent days with a one hour lunch.




About Kurt 

Kurt Wenner is an American artist with an international following, most known for his invention of 3D interactive art. By fusing the patrimony of the past into his work, Wenner creates original drawings, paintings, sculptures, 3D images, and architecture all without missing a beat. Passionate about the importance of classicism, he is devoted to bringing the tradition back to light and has received the Kennedy Center Medallion in recognition of his outstanding contribution to arts education.

Wenner’s artwork has appeared in the Absolut vodka artist ad series, been the subject of an award winning National Geographic documentary, hangs in art galleries across the US and abroad, and is included in a number of private and corporate collections.

When not traveling the globe for exhibitions and installations of his work, he spends time on select commissions, giving talks, writing books, and conducting workshops. 

(a-z, partial list)

The Kennedy Center
Awarded The Kennedy Center Medallion in recognition for outstanding contribution to arts education.

Art Center College of Design
Lectured on what it means to have mastery in the arts for the Toyota lecture series.

Carnegie Art Museum
Lectured on my personal experience of learning the lost language of classicism in Italy.

Department of Defense Schools (DoDDS)
Taught an intensive weeklong drawing workshop for exceptional students selected from U.S. Department of Defense schools around the globe.

Received the Golden Palette Award for remarkable service, which spanned a decade.

Music Center of Los Angeles
Developed a 2-day school residency art program working in conjunction with the Music Center?s Education Department. The program was available to schools throughout the United States.

Taught drawing with pastels to more than 100,000 students from elementary school through university level over the course of a decade.

National Museum of Singapore
Lectured on perspective and illusion.

Rhode Island School of Design
Lectured on my career and global experiences.

Ringling College of Art and Design
Gave a talk on classicism and architectural design.

San Juan Island Museum of Art
The Lost Language of Classical Design was given over two afternoons to a sold out audience. Live feed was set-up so I could draw alongside projected drawings by Caravaggio and other Renaissance artists and explain as I drew how they created the works.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Lectured on the history of pavement art.

Tennessee Arts Commission
The talk, Recreating Creativity, was given for Create 2012: Creativity in Education conference.

The National Gallery of Art
Conducted a series of public lectures and was the keynote speaker for a 3- day symposium on Old Master drawings from Woodner and Chatsworth collections. Live feed was set-up allowing me to draw alongside projected images from the collections on exhibit and explain as I drew how the artists created the works.

Repeatedly invited to lecture on art and innovative uses of perspective for the Gallery?s curators, lecturers, and docents.

The Smithsonian Institution
Lead a series of public lectures and courses titled Master Drawing; Perspective and Illusion, and The Complete Pastel.

Lectured for the Smithsonian?s Art and Culture of Italy Program and lead groups through Italy.

Walt Disney Animation Studios
Taught numerous professional development seminars for over ten years to Disney?s top feature animation artists in figure drawing, perspective, oil painting, and the use of pastels.

Walt Disney Imagineering
Conducted professional development seminars for Disney?s top engineers for more than a decade on unusual uses of perspective.

Conducted seminars and consulted with engineers to better employ illusions and perspective effects when constructing rides and shows.







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